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One Step at a Time

Lately, we’ve had kind of a rough go of things.  First, my job finished up in October, meaning Michelle and I were forced to combine our two dorm style rooms into one until I find something else.  Then last week, Michelle developed a staph infection on her (ahem) ‘seat’, which required surgery and a few weeks of missed work. Here is a quick update on both:

Our Room

Our Room

While work opportunities remain scarce until the government figures out their budget issues, I have found a variety of ways to spend my time in recent weeks. I helped to organize a kickball/bbq evening a few weekends ago and just signed up to officiate volleyball for this winter. I’m also playing trombone at church next weekend. Our room is also looking much cleaner and even has photos up on the wall (as well as Christmas decor). I even put up my Dr. Pepper and James Bond signs that I smuggled out here during our move.

Michelle’s recovery was described as

IMG_0719_1Kwaj 2013-1


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