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Date Night Photo Scavenger Hunt - Social Distancing Edition

Out of boredom comes GREAT creativity! While Jason and I have been hanging out during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been getting inventive with our date nights. Here is an adaptable template of our most recent date night, a Photo Scavenger Hunt! We hope it blesses you and gives you a fun ideas for a unique evening in your near future. Download the PDF list at the bottom of the post and give it a go!


Something that reminds you of your honeymoon: We were introduced to chocolate martini's while in Riviera Maya. Nom!


Take a series of goofy photos: We don't lack in this category!


Recreate a favorite photo or memory: The first day in our first house in Kansas. No furniture, just a picnic dinner to celebrate.


Play a favorite childhood game or activity: The floor is LAVA! (And yes, we did play this game for the entire day.)


Have a meal that reminds you of a favorite memory or vacation: We learned to cook Cashew Chicken while in Chiang Rai, Thailand. And find or make a rose: Jason has napkin folding skills!


Your wedding band of favorite jewelry: Fun fact, Jason's actual wedding band is at the bottom of the lake of the Ozarks (hooray for insurance!). Another fun fact, Jason picked out my engagement ring and band on his own (!!), which made his proposal even more of a surprise to me. And third fun fact, my other ring is an opal from Cobber Pedy, Australia. I've loved opals for a long time and it was my dream to go mining and pick out a stone from where it was unearthed.


Something from a place you lived: We lived in the Marshall Islands for 5 years. This is a license plate from the island of Ebeye. Ironically, there are very few cars on that island and you don't have to own a car in order to get a license plate.


Get goofy and express your inner child: Jason loves glitter masks, haha!


Click below to open the PDF: ENJOY!

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