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Jumping Pictures!
Wedding Day!
Interlaken Switzerland
Hong Kong
Bigej, Marshall Islands
Iceland Ice
Iceland Thermals

In 2009, we met at a tacky Christmas sweater party, fell in love, and vowed to take aviator clad adventures together (for better or worse). After getting married in 2010, we bought a house and filled it with all the suburbia life essentials. Life was good.  Two years later, we did what most couples do at that stage of life: sold everything and moved to a remote tropical island in the pacific. It's at this point that our life became "not the norm" and most people thought we were crazy.  In our island paradise in the Marshall Islands we learned to snorkel, scuba dive, made wonderful friends, traveled the world with them and lived a simple life. Life was good. Five years flew by and it was time to move away from our pacific home.  We decided to take our "first retirement" and travel the globe for a year.  2018 was full of adventures and mountain top experiences as we ate and explored our way through dozens of countries.  Life was good.  As our "first retirement" wrapped up, we decided to try our hand in another island paradise, the Big Island of Hawaii.  We currently live in Hawaii and LIFE IS GOOD.

From: Nebraska

Favorites: Ping Pong, Dr. Pepper, 007, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Snorkeling, Rec Sports

Nemesis: Texas, Cilantro, Licorice

Favorite Country Visited: New Zealand

Jason Huwe

From: Kansas

Favorites: Jumping Pictures, Crafts, Dance, Food, Organizing, Naps, Sparkly Things

Nemesis: Splashing, Celery, Folding Laundry

Favorite Country Visited: Italy

Michelle Huwe

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