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Oh the Places you will Go!

100% Chance of seeing

100% Chance of seeing

Today marks part 2 of our series of postings focused on getting our beloved friends and family to embark on a grand adventure with us.  In an effort to stay objective in this persuasive article we will be using statistical analysis to show you why all the cool kids will be coming to Kwaj.

Please check out the following activities that we have rated on the LICK Enjoyability scale

LICK =  (Likability  x  √(-1) x  Carpe diem  x  Kodak moments)

185.9 LICKs            Snorkeling

183.5                        Reefing (low tide reef walking)

182.7                        Scuba Diving (for those of you who are certified)

180.1                        Historical Tours of WWII sites

179.8                        Beach Barbeques

178.0                        Visit uninhabited islands in the atoll

175.5                        Star Gazing

175.3                        Sun Bathing

169.6                        Evening beach critter watching

167.4                        Tide pools (manmade craters that can be explored during low tide)

167.3                        Deep Sea Fishing

167.0                        Shark Watching

166.9                        Visit Ebeye to experience Marshallese culture

165.8                        Beach Volleyball

160.0                        To get to the center of a Tootsie Pop

158.2                        Boating day trips

158.1                        Shell Hunting

158.0                        Kayaking

157.3                        Golfing

156.9                        Outdoor Movie Theater

155.2                        Bowling

153.2                        Tennis

152.1                        Swimming Pool (Adult Only)

150.7                        Gym

148.8                        Recreation Center (pool, foosball, shuffleboard, ping pong, darts, etc)

147.2                        Learn to harvest coconuts

Other activities not scored:

100% Chance of seeing

100% Chance of seeing

Travel by plane to Roi Namur (See WWII history. . .In case 2 people is too many for a beach. . .these beaches are even more private.)

Participate in local events (Rustman Triathlon, Spring Break Music Fest, Golf Tournaments, Fishing Tournament, Scuba Diving for Easter Eggs, Local Musicians, Bingo, etc.)

100% Chance of seeing

100% Chance of seeing

100% Chance of seeing

100% Chance of seeing

20% Chance of seeing

20% Chance of seeing

10% Chance of seeing

10% Chance of seeing


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