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But enough about us…

It’s been a joy sharing our journey with all of you through our blog the last several months and we’ll continue to post many of our new adventures as we accumulate more memories out on Kwaj.  It’s been great fun for us to take this leap of faith, leave all we know, and trust that God will provide for our family. 

Date night!

One especially difficult area for us is being away from our friends back in the states.  While keeping up through facebook updates is nice, it hardly replaces quality conversations with our favorite people.  And updating our blog for you all is something we enjoy, but it doesn’t tell us anything new about what is going on in your life…and we want to know what’s new with you!

I know what you’re thinking; my life is boring.  Well, you are wrong. And even if you are somehow right, we still want to hear about your boring life because you are our friends. Trips to the mall, late night Chipotle burritos and hanging with the fellas may not seem like much to you but those are the types of things that we miss so much.

The best way to update us on your life is through facebook messaging – it allows for the time difference and is something we check pretty frequently. Email is similar but we check it a bit less. Phone calls are a real treat except for the small time window for conversations (we’re 7 hours behind Central Time – your 7pm is our noon). If you’re technically savvy and have facetime, we can even set up some time to chat face to face (skype also possible but less successful). This does require more coordination as we’ll have to travel to our wifi hotspot, but it’s worth it to see your smiling faces!

Please know that we want to hear from you! If you read our blog, we’re clearly close enough to want to hear about your life…except if you’re a creepy stalker, but we’re assuming you aren’t.   🙂


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