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The Skinny Mirror

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

I have stayed in 30 different rooms over the past 3 months and they have all had mirrors. Now, I know you know this, but seriously, there are fat mirrors and skinny mirrors. Of course, fat mirrors are the WORST. I always seem to find fat mirrors on the days that I’m feeling skinny. WHY?! And there always seems to be more fat mirrors than skinny mirrors out there. But when I find a skinny mirror, oh man, I feel GREAT about myself! And let’s be honest, I spend a few more minutes checking myself out. The skinny mirror is a self-esteem builder and encourager. The skinny mirror makes me feel like the best version of myself.

So today, I found a skinny mirror in Macedonia and it occurred to me, why do I always approach a mirror assuming the worst? Is my make-up okay? Do I have something in my teeth? Is my fat hanging out? And then I proceed to fix myself and pretend that when I “suck-it-in,” I will actually stand like that all day. HA!

This got me thinking. I believe God intended us to see our reflection, but I don’t think He was wanting us to be so critical of ourselves. When He knitted us together, He was hoping we would see Him. That when we look at ourselves, we would see evidence of our Creator. But many times, we can’t see past our own self perceptions. So today, I’m thankful for the skinny mirror. A reminder to view myself through a different lens, God’s lens, as a wonderfully made child of God. In case you haven’t heard it lately, you are beautiful. You are made perfectly. You matter. And all those little imperfections you think you have are what make you, you!


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