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As we go on…

Vitamin C. It has become tradition that if someone is leaving for a day, a week or forever, we sing the Graduation Song. That’s right, Vitamin C’s old school classic. Don’t judge. It’s hilarious. The thing is, I would prefer to sing it for everyone else, except myself. I don’t like to be the one that is leaving because it feels like I’m leaving everyone behind. I love the Marshallese phrase Bar Lo Yuk which means “I’ll see you when I see you.”

Facebook. Do you ever think of your day in Facebook posts? This is lame, but I do. Keep in mind, that I don’t actually post them. I find coming up with a sentence of how I feel or what I’m thinking in the moment is quite therapeutic. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had so many “Facebook posts” in my mind. People to thank, feels that make me sad or happy or crazy.

Change. I love change. I hate change. I love controlling change. I hate being controlled by change. The world is full of change, and as resilient people, we learn to adapt. I use the word “change” and “adventure” interchangeably. By viewing change as an adventure, I am not disappointed if I don’t like it and I am prepared to expect the unexpected. The change becomes exciting and a challenge. And so… we are preparing for a significant adventure!

Insert God. When Jason and I came to Kwaj, it was on a prayer, a leap of faith and straight up God’s will. There is no logical way in which we should have ever lived out here for as long as we have. The only way I can explain it, is that God had a plan and purpose for us on this little island. I sure hope we did Him justice. Insert God again. The only way I could fathom leaving Kwaj is because God willed it. I am constantly telling the youth fellowship students the importance of living life with an open hand and not a closed fist. A closed fist meaning that I’m trying to control life instead of allowing God to work with an open hand and open mind.

Moments. And now it is my goal to enjoy every single moment left. Every crazy email. Every meeting. Every sunset. Every laugh. Every dinner with my Kwaj family. Every bike ride. Every rain shower. Every paddle board. Every conversation. Every snorkel. Every boat ride. Every everything. And seal those treasures away in my memory.

Here are a few pictures of memories I’m engraving forever:


This pretty much sums up our Kwaj family.


I seriously have the best staff…ever!


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