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Arrival at Last!


Our real life welcome began the minute we stepped off the plane as our friends, Matt and Mindi Gerber, along with Michelle’s new coworkers, were waving wildly from a set of bleachers just outside the airport fence.  We were later informed that their first comment was actually, “they’re just so pale”!  Warm hugs and introductions followed our security procedures and before we knew it, our crash course in island living had begun.

I think the best way to explain our experience is like that of the first day of college.  You don’t really know anyone.  You have to get the lay of the land quickly (but you’ll find yourself asking for directions).  There is a rhythm about the place that you haven’t figured out yet, but you know that an amazing adventure awaits once you get things down.

More specifically, bikes and walking are the norm.  There are an overwhelming number of activities and social outlets to choose from.  Dorm style housing will take getting used to (minus the community showers, thank goodness) and we must be wary of the freshman 15 waiting for us at the cafeteria.

All told, our nervous excitement for the future has become the nervous excitement of the present!  Woot!


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