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A Way of Life

Not native to the Marshalls, this invasive species eats coral

Not native to the Marshalls, this invasive species eats coral

Michelle and I have lived on Kwaj for eight months now and it’s safe to say that it feels like home. If there is one thing that we both love more than anything out here, it’s the active lifestyle that island living brings. It’s amazing how great our bodies feel when they move around as much as they were created to move.

Softball, basketball and soccer are some of the league sports that we’ve enjoyed during our time here. I just started coaching 5th-6th grade girls basketball and Michelle is leading basketball lessons for very young kids and a few dance classes for all ages. There are regular pick up sand volleyball games a few nights a week as well.  We have free access to a weight room and enjoy many evening walks with our friends. Even when we’re ready to be done with physical activities, we


My favorite activities remain associated with our close proximity to the water. I can be in the lagoon snorkeling  only five minutes after leaving our room. Not only is swimming amazing exercise, but you never know what you’re going to see in the underwater world. This morning we saw a small octopus and a 4 foot white tip shark along with all the usual fish and coral.

Michelle and I can hardly remember the comparatively lazy life that we had a year ago. The cost alone of trying to keep this active back in the states makes my head hurt. We remain thankful for the opportunity God has given us to be healthier and discover His creation.


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