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Your First Month on Kwajalein

Have a blast at Bigej island.

Become a boat captain

So much of Kwajalein's unique adventures start on a boat! Plan your own outings deep sea fishing, visiting the Prince Eugen shipwreck, or visiting the blue waters of Bigej by first signing up for your boating license. Classes only occur every couple months, so sign up right away. It may seem daunting, but being able to reserve your own boat is so much nicer than having to rely on others. Trust me, if this landlubber from Nebraska can get his boating license, so can you. *Tip: The ocean is less wavy in the summer/fall.  If you're nervous about the driving test, this would be a good time to have calmer waters.

Join a sports team

So many of our favorite memories on Kwaj come from participating in rec sports as a participant, official, or fan. It's a great way to get to know island residents and get fit. Because the high school teams don't have other schools to compete against, they play against the adult teams. Some of my best high school sports moments happened in my 30s on Kwaj, HAHA! Don't worry if you aren't the most athletic. There are divisions for all skill levels. There are also always needs for volunteer youth sports coaches and helpers. Those who can't do...teach! 

Grill out at the beach

We could never figure out why there weren't more people grilling out at the beach. It's just so easy to grab a bag of charcoal, some meat and head to Emon for a tasty sunset. Since you're so close to the beach, any night of the week is perfect for a grill out!  *Tip: the flies go to sleep right at sunset around 6:50-7:20.

Get your SCUBA certification

If you ever had the slightest interest in scuba diving, this is your moment. With several very qualified and helpful instructors on island and annual membership to the Kwajalein Scuba Club at a mere $120, you'll not encounter a more affordable or beautiful place to experience diving. It is truly world class, so take the plunge! *Tip: buy your scuba gear from someone PCSing for a good deal!

Go snorkeling to get comfortable in the water

Regardless if SCUBA is for you or not, you need to go snorkeling at least twice in your first month. The first time will help you learn the equipment and get comfortable in the water. The second time will blow your mind at all of the wildlife living just outside your front door. Simply snorkeling between Emon beach and Northpointe, we've encountered turtles, octopus, manta rays, eagle rays, sting rays, small white tip and black tip sharks (totally safe) and countless fish. Don't miss out on this free treasure just off the beach.

Get a kwaj driver's license

While biking is a fun part of life on Kwajalein, sometimes you just want to cruise around in a golf cart (or pick up). For such occasions, you may think that your stateside driver's license would be sufficient. You would be wrong. Swing by the automotive department to take your Kwaj specific written test so you can rent your own golf cart ASAP.

Bike around the island

Explore your new surroundings by bike and see what your island has to offer. Along with finding secluded spots away from the 'crowds', you'll gain a new respect for those having to bike back from the western part of the island into the wind as part of their daily commute.  Be sure to check out the far beaches for sea glass!

Walk the reef

Extremely low tides offer a unique opportunity to explore the reef by foot (called reefing). Find some cruddy sneakers and head out from the north part of the island at the beginning of low tides near full or new moons. Be careful not to destroy the beautiful nature on your trek and keep your eyes on the time. The low tides don't last too long.

Take the ferry over to Ebeye and walk around

Find an early morning to take the free ferry over to Ebeye, where so many of our friendly coworkers call home. Experience a bit of their unique culture, check out the stores, and enjoy a frozen coconut treat at the pier. Make sure to bring sun protection, water, and your ferry schedule - some emergency TP and hand sanitizer is also recommended. This will provide a healthy amount of perspective and appreciation for your new Kwaj life.

Join a club that interests you or try something new

If you're like us, you're thinking about all the time you'll have to relax on this tiny island you're moving to. While this is possible, you won't believe the number of fun and unique things that there are to do on this small rock in the Pacific. Here is a short list of groups you can join: Running club, Scuba club, Deep Sea Fishing Club, Golf, Seasonal Adult/Youth Sports, Yacht Club, Art Guild, Hobby Shop, Christian Women's Fellowship, Various Fitness Groups, Adult Dance Classes and more! One of the great things about Kwajalein is that new people with different skills are arriving all the time - just like you! This community is as great as you can help make it, so don't be afraid to jump right in!


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