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Yes, we work

While we know that many of you just assume that the Huwes are relaxing 24/7 out in the middle of this Pacific….and we realize that the majority of our blog posts may perpetuate that notion, the reality of the situation is that they’ve actually been working quite diligently over the last six months.

Michelle has been working 2 positions in the last month as has been transitioning to a new role.  She just finished her position with the communities activities department and has transferred into a new position at the teen center working with Jr. High and High School students. While she really enjoyed her time working with adult sports, and especially spending time at the ballpark, Michelle is excited to get to know and spend time students again.  As part of this new role, she will work at the Teen Center, which organizes activities for student after school and on the weekends.  She will also run sports programs for the kids 6th grade and younger.


Jason has been preaching Sundays at the chapel, assisting with the board and organizing volunteer teams for the other church activities since February.   Every two weeks, he goes to Roi to provide services for the small population there.  He’s really enjoyed being stretched by this new challenge and will be continuing this role into the fall.  Jason is still considered a temporary employee even though he’s been here for longer than most folks with that status.  A new full time pastor was just hired and it remains to be seen if Jason will remain on at the church with a contract position or need to find another job on island. In either case, he looks forward to continuing to be very active at the chapel.


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