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The Other Side

In the midst of the Coronavirus, the question I have been pondering is who will I be on the other side of this pandemic? Once the dust has settled, how will I look back on the days, weeks or months that have passed? Did I waste those days? Did I respond in fear? Did I seize every moment?

When my grandmother passed away many years ago, we went through all of her worldly possessions. She kept every scrap of sewing material and every plastic bag. Her Tupperware and pots were fifty years old and in perfect condition. On the other side of her life trials, she learned to be frugal and to keep everything “just in case.” A character trait of most people coming out of the Great Depression.

Some of us will face a direct impact with the loss of a loved one or economic impact with job loss. There is no doubt that many will grieve and go through difficult situations. BUT, we have also been given a great gift. The gift of time.

Time….it’s easy to complain about not having enough time…which is simply an excuse for how you prioritize your life. But then we also complain about having too much time or boredom…which is just an excuse for lack of creativity.

I am actually quite the master at managing time. I love to pack my schedule with things to do and keep busy going from thing to thing, usually on the verge of over commitment. However, stick me at home and I become a master at wasting time. I’ve more or less conditioned myself to always be on-the-go and “home” is the place I crash, not the place I “get things done.” If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey, he always says, “you have to tell your money where to go or you will wonder where it went.” I find that time is the same way.

In all circumstances and trials, there is much to learn and joy to be found. I continue to ponder how this event will alter my life, knowing those answers will unfold over time. For now, I’m enjoying each moment of time and finding opportunities to growth and stretch myself.

How will you be on the other side?


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