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Surgery: A Pain in the Ass

Over the last week, an odd swelling developed on.....


The doctor told me I had an infection and gave me some drugs for both treatment and for the pain. The plan was to come back in on Monday to have it ‘poked and popped’ which sounded relatively simple. These types of absinthes, similar to boils, can occur from simple cuts and are fairly common because of the salty and humid weather out here. When I arrived on Monday, their assessment of the growing infection was that immediate surgery was necessary to adequately drain the swollen area.


The next 24 hours were spent in the small Kwaj hospital, built in the 1950s, as the only patient (picture Forrest Gump minus the ice cream). I’ve enjoyed the benefits of small town living, being cared for by one nurse who attends our church and another who was in our SCUBA class (among other wonderful nurses). The doctors have dropped by to see how I’m doing on their way to or from their errands as well.


More specific treatment and drugs will follow once the bacteria cultures come back this afternoon, but I am excited to get back to our room and sleep in my own bed tonight. Thank you so much for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated as I continue what I’m told should be a 5-6 week recovery period. Prayers are also appreciated for Jason who feels as though his role has been stolen as the primary pain in my ass 😉


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