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Seasoned Vets

Michelle and I have been on this island for two and a half months and there are a few ‘local’ things that I’ve caught myself doing or saying that make me feel like I might actually belong here.

  1. Tossing cool sea shells back in the water

  2. Not thinking twice about bike rust

  3. Recognizing silhouettes of people over a block away (on a bike no less)

  4. Not thinking of Saturday as the weekend (we go Tues-Sat to stay with the states)

  5. Regularly asking when high/low tide is that day

  6. We are less white and pasty

  7. Knowing the weird hours of the local stores

  8. Going days without internet does not phase me (or randomly losing access)

  9. The taste of salt water doesn’t phase me

  10. Creativity reigns at the dining hall

  11. I recognize a good chunk of the reef

  12. Getting rained on has lost its novelty (the dry season is ending)

  13. The number of showers in a day are no longer counted

  14. Last names are beginning to roll of the tongue

  15. The huge amount of access #’s and passwords are actually memorized

  16. I know the daily flight schedule

  17. Subconsciously looking for new stuff after the barge comes in

  18. Instead of getting anxious about seeing sharks, I get excited

  19. I’ve said ‘Welcome to Kwaj’ to numerous new arrivals (and I can’t get over how pasty white they are)

I'm even finding time for some crafts

I’m even finding time for some crafts

How far we’ve come!


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