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Christmas morning never looked so good!

Christmas morning never looked so good!

We are one week out and things are getting really real, really quick.  Our wonderful house sitters (soon to be renters) are moved in and we are at Michelle’s parents until departure.  It’s been great spending quality time with them before we leave, but living out of suitcases makes me all the more ready to be there.  There are still some details to finish up; leaving our cars, paying some bills and making sure we have our travel details figured out.  While nothing official yet, I’ve had some leads for my job and that helps to put my mind at ease and enjoy our last week in KC even more.  It’s bittersweet seeing so many of our friends in these final days.  It’s hard to miss someone before you’re gone, but we are so thankful for the wonderful memories we get to create before the opportunity passes.  Speaking of that, it’s time to get ready for lunch with Michelle’s grandpa Frank (pictured) so that’s all for now 🙂


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