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New Discoveries


Exploring natures creatures allows for a more relaxed and less formal education.  Michelle and I accidentally discovered dozens of the crabs near the ocean one early morning as we watched the sunrise over the Pacific.  The island is home to what must be thousands of surprisingly fast (and easily spooked) crabs which seem to appear from nowhere at sunrise and sunset.  There are probably 10 times as many small hermit crabs and other crustaceans inhabiting most every pretty shell on the beach.  Also easily spooked, you may not see any of these little guys if you were walking at any decent pace.  But if you stop for even just a few seconds, you become aware that several dozen of the small shells at your feet are moving around.  With patience, you can even grab some pictures like I did the other morning.

One might think that combing the beaches for new discoveries would get old on a small island, but so far that has not been the case.  The constant tidal movements bring new and interesting specimens daily for us to explore.  I must admit that I am still getting used to the tides.  When I first saw the high and low tide schedule in the newspaper, I kind of chuckled to myself.  After going for a beach getaway with Michelle only to discover an underwater beach, I now check the published times regularly.  I am excited to continue learning about our new home in the coming weeks.  With some luck, maybe I’ll actually become well versed in island life by this time next year.

Most crabs hang by the beach.  This large one was chillin' just outside our building though.

Most crabs hang by the beach. This large one was chillin’ just outside our building though.


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