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Island Hopping

Last week, Michelle and I enjoyed some time off adventuring around the atoll.  We started with a day trip to Tarugi, a small island up the west chain as far as rented power boats are allowed to go.  I captained our boat as part of the process to receive my license – not too bad for a Nebraska kid as I navigated some decently large swells.


Upon arriving, we swam our stuff ashore, explored the beaches and collected shells.  Michelle, Matt & I even had a very close encounter with a curious six foot grey reef shark before heading back home. On our way back, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by about 20 dolphins jumping around our boat. It was hard to keep from smiling as they followed us for several minutes.

Later in the week, Later in the week, we took a few days off to explore Roi-Namur on the top of the atoll. I visit Roi every other week for worship, but this was Michelle’s first opportunity to check out the secluded beaches, WWII relics, and tasty eats at the Outrigger restaurant. On a quick snorkel, we were surrounded by a few thousand small fish swirling all around.  They were so dense, we thought they were part of the reef when we jumped in.     We returned rested, relaxed, and a little heavier

Relaxing on Roi


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