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How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands Paradise

Travel, especially internationally, can be very overwhelming. You literally have a world of possibilities to choose from. To help you make a thoughtful decision, here are a few tips and tricks on choosing your travel destination.

What makes cents

Unless you're independently wealthy, you probably have a finite amount of money for your travels. Understanding exactly how much money you can spend will go along way to helping you plan an appropriate trip. Some things like accommodations and excursions can vary greatly in cost. Other areas like transportation and meals may not offer nearly the range of options. Cost is also a major factor in what parts of the world you might consider. Your vacation dollar goes much farther in places like Peru, Thailand, and Eastern Europe compared to Australia, Iceland, and the Maldives. A simple search of exchange rates may spark some curiosity (I'm looking at you, Nepal).

Excitement vs. Relaxation

Are you looking for a highlight reel adventure, one big snooze with a view or a little of each? Your vacation goals will dramatically impact the places you may want to consider. Often times, people are looking for a landscape different from where they live. Are you wanting to experience the culture of a big city or maybe some secluded hikes without cell phone reception? Answering these questions should help narrow down your choices.

Your Bucket List

What are the places and experiences you want to see or do before you die? If it's truly that high on your priority list, make the sacrifices necessary and DO IT! The Great Pyramid, Great Wall of China and Great Barrier Reef all have Great in the name for a reason. Give that dream trip a date on the calendar and make it a memory.

Use Technology

While you have obviously found the internet's best source of travel tips, Michelle and I have taken to looking up "best day hikes" or "epic mountain peaks" and seeing what pops up. Search backwards by finding a picture that you want to be in and figure out how to make that a reality. We don't view shows like Planet Earth and Blue Planet as unexplored wonders, but more like travel suggestions. There are also several great YouTube channels (besides Adventures in Aviators) where you can learn more about potential places to visit. We enjoy Geography Now.

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