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Hangin in Hono

We made it to Honolulu! With a minor flight delay to Denver, the rest has been smooth sailing into Hawaii.

As part of our blog, Jason and I each have a section to share our thoughts and experiences. Since we have around 30 hours of travel time, I figure this is a good time to jot down some of my thoughts.

The last couple of months have been crazy preparing for this move.  Now that I am sitting in Honolulu, I have no check lists, very few possessions and only an idea about what lies ahead. Whoa.  I do need to pause and give God some credit here.  When I first accepted this job, we took a pretty large risk because Jason didn’t have a job yet.   He would only be guaranteed 90 days on the island before he would literally be “voted off” the island.  We were trusting God would work out the details (something my type “A” personality doesn’t respond well too).  Giving up control seems to be a lesson I have to continue to relearn.  Sure enough, a couple of weeks before we leave Jason is having more conversations about a possible job and he will be filling as the Protestant Pastor until they hire a permanent one.  I have been amazed how everything has fallen into place.  I may be a planner, but God is a better one.  Touché God.

As I write this blog, I know my mom will be reading these updates.  I have no doubt I will be receiving emails with grammar corrections.  Ha.   Speaking of my mom, this morning my mom and dad  took us to the airport.  Leaving them was really hard.  I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.  They are so wonderful.  They stayed at the airport even after we went through security just to wave at us as we boarded the plane.  I am so grateful for them!

Random confession: I have given my family a really hard time about their obsession with Angry Birds.  I may or may not have tried it out on the plane.  I won’t be confessing to you how long I played. . .

Not playing Angry Birds

Other than a few aches and pains from flying Jason and I are enjoying the ride.  We have another 7ish hour flight tomorrow and we’ll be on Kwaj around 10am on Thursday their time (4pm, Wednesday Kansas time).


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