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Germany - Hiking Lake Eibsee

For centuries, people from all over Bavaria have come to scenic Garmisch to experience nature. We also wanted to get out of the city and decided to do a day trip to this tourist town and hike around Lake Eibsee. Trains out of Munich only leave about every hour so we woke early and made the 8:30am departure. The trip takes over an hour so get comfortable and make sure you're in a car that continues all the way to Garmisch - the train separates once in the mountains.

Upon arriving, you'll see that you are actually between the two cities of Garmisch and Partenkirchen. The information center is a little hard to find; left out of the station and down the hill - then left under the tracks to the Garmisch side. Here they can help you identify a hike that is right for the day, whether based on your fitness, gear, or the local weather conditions.

Lake Eibsee is several kilometers away, in the shadow of Germany's highest peak - Zugspitze. The blue bus line makes trips up every 30-40 minutes for about 6 Euros per person. We decided to walk through town toward the lake and find another bus stop, both to see the area and save a few bucks. After getting through the town, we boarded the bus and still had to pay 6 Euros each. Oh well.

Eibsee Lake was still several kilometers away and made the ride worthwhile. The bus route ends at the main lodge with the well used 4km trail around the lake looping in either direction. We took the clockwise route and enjoyed picturesque views at the adjoining pond roughly .75kms in, full with ducks and tons of frogs visible through the clear water. With such high peaks nearby, the weather was changing almost constantly as high winds remained constant. Between modest hiking inclines, wind variations, and the sun playing peak-a-boo, my stocking cap and coat were off and on over a dozen times. The trail is so well maintained that only sneakers are needed, but water and snacks are definitely recommended (along with a restroom break before leaving). The far side of the lake showcases grand views, including some of the small islands and peninsulas in the foreground. Once the trek was complete, another 6 Euro bus ride back - this time, all the way to the train station. While incredibly beautiful and a relatively easy hike, prepare yourself for touristy prices while enjoying this little slice of heaven.

Germany Lake Eibsee Hiking


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