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Fashion Statement

Glow sticks are always in style

The Classic Rat Tale You will see many of the Marshallese men sporting the classic rat tale.   These rat tales are not to be taken lightly though; some may reach clear down their back.  Growing out a rat tall is considered a status symbol on Ebeye and the length of your rat tale braid shows high ranking.  On the female side, some girls aren’t allowed to cut their hair until they have had their first child.  Many high school girls have hair that reaches to their knees.


Hawaiian Shirts When Jason and I were dating he had a collection of 4 or 5 Hawaiian shirts, of which I really didn’t care for.  When cleaning out his closet, I “suggested” he only keep a couple for Hawaiian themed parties because people in Kansas don’t wear Hawaiian shirts.  He reluctantly agreed, to which I regrettably stated, “If we move to a tropical island, you can have as many Hawaiian shirts as you want.”  Needless to say, Hawaiian shirts are the norm out here and most men wear them to work everyday.  Jason now believes he has a pass to wear Hawaiian shirts everywhere for the rest of this life. . .because “he lived on a tropical island.” Greeeaaat.


Socks and Flops An interesting trend I was surprised to see was wearing socks and flip flops or Ninja toes.  Mostly high schoolers sport this fashion trend, which include plain white socks to  brightly colored or patterned socks.  As much as I’d like to be ninja, I don’t think I’ll be jumping on this trend anytime soon.

Other trends that didn’t make the top 3 include wearing workout clothes, not drying your hair, no make-up, extravagant tattoos, sunglass lines on the sides of your head and water shoes.


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