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Come sail away!


To say that our adventure is a fish out of water experience is probably putting it lightly.  Government jobs, security clearances, small dorm style apartment and cafeteria food have all taken some getting used to, but the biggest change for these two fish is actually getting into the water.  We’ve both enjoyed some snorkeling around the lagoon and getting some sun on the beaches thus far.  This last weekend though, these two Kansas kids both officially got our sea legs with our first ever sailing experience.

Celebrating the birthdays of some of our island buddies, we were taken out on a beautiful 42′ sailboat belonging to another fun couple on Kwaj, Denise and Mike.  I was quite excited about the new adventure and discovered exactly how inexperienced I was when the first thing Denise asked me was, “to put my shoes in the port side birth”.  After explaining to her that I am from Kansas and only understood the shoe portion of the sentence, she let me know that it was the room on the left.

Maiden Voyage

The rest of our voyage went surprisingly smooth as our friends let us sit back and relax as the winds carried us up and down the atoll at dusk.  There was a even a bonus sighting of a floating refrigerator off the coast of Ebeye which Mike did a fabulous job of avoiding.   We finished off the evening with delectable appetizers courtesy of our friend, Mindi.  While I probably won’t be purchasing my own boat anytime in the near future, we had a wonderful time at sea and plan to catch a breeze again soon.



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