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Arches National Park - Know Before You Go

Make Reservations in Advance

The town of Moab gains its economic lifeblood from the nearby parks, Arches National Park being the predominant one (Canyonlands NP being the other). With many visitors planning their pilgrimages months in advance, reservations are highly recommended. There are hotels of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges in Moab, but few Airbnb's in this area. Don't take a chance being left out in the cold. Book your room well in advance.

Dawn & Dusk Pictures Rock

Arches NP is just five minutes north of Moab making quick trips into and out of the park a real possibility. This is especially handy for amazing picture opportunities during sunrise and sunset, when the rocks glow bright red.  Delicate Arch and the Windows both shine at dusk while the Landscape Arch loop is pretty in the morning.

Hydration Situation

The high desert is no place to be overconfident about your water consumption. The dry air evaporates water off your body very quickly so you probably won't notice how much fluid you're losing. Make sure you have plenty of water, more than a gallon per person, if going out for any of the longer hikes. As always, make sure your sun protection game is on point too. Thankfully, many of the paths to bigger arches are short and near the road.

Mind Your Path

Speaking of paths, the rangers at Arches are especially mindful of keeping all visitors on the provided trails.  You'll find the paths here to be well groomed, but not always leading you directly underneath the arches. While formidable and large, these magnificent arches are still fragile and worth preserving for future generations. Respect the signs and remain on the walkways, both for your safety and the preservation of these great works of nature.

Consider the Annual Pass

Admission for a vehicle day pass at Arches NP is set at $30 (and worth every penny). But with so many other National Parks and National Monuments nearby, this is the ideal time to purchase an Annual NP pass for $80. Canyonlands NP Island in the Sky is a mere 30 minutes north of Arches, while the Needles District is an hour south. An array of other parks are very drivable which will quickly make your purchase worthwhile. A few of our favorites in Utah are Natural Bridges National Monument, Monument Valley, Capital Reef NP, Bryce Canyon NP, and Zion NP. In nearby Colorado, you can also explore Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP, Mesa Verde NP, Great Sand Dunes NP, Rocky Mountain NP, and Colorado National Monument. Hooray nature!


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