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A Walk Around Town

Community Activities Office

The building on the right is the Community Activities Office.  This is where I currently office, but will be moving to another building in a couple of weeks.  You can see the ocean out of our windows, which is pretty awesome. We start basketball leagues next week so my schedule will change and I will flex my hours (Morning swims in the pool here I come!). I’m looking forward to getting the leagues going and meeting all the people who participate in the rec sports out here.  I will also be working with some of the youth as they will be officiating and score keeping.  There are around 10 Marshallese guys I work with and 4 of them will be my Night Supervisors.  They are really fun and easy going.  I think I will really enjoy working with them and learning about their culture.

Across from the water tower is the cafeteria where we eat most of our meals.  The food really isn’t too bad, but it’s easy to over eat.  I’m sure I will master the art of healthy crockpot cooking shortly.

Outside our BQ

This picture is right outside of our BQ (bachelor quarters).  We ride down this street to get to work and go downtown.  The Ocean is on the left us and the Lagoon is to the right.

As we take more pictures, we’ll continue the tour of our new home.


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