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A smooth but busy transition

We’ve already snorkeled twice with the Gerbers.  Our first experience was a walk in off the north section of Kwajalein.  Considering our generally lacking experience, we had a great time and were able to see a small shark and a baby manta ray.  There are hundreds of fish everywhere and the water is amazingly clear….or at least you think that until our snorkel today.  After a rainy morning celebrating MLK day in our room, the sun broke through and the four of us took a boat about 15 miles up the atoll to Bigej island.  The water off this barely inhabited island has visibility of at least about 100 feet!  It is breathtaking to say the least.  We anchored nearby and saw some brilliant coral, fish of all kinds and a chill sea turtle I named Stanley.  We will visit this place regularly.

The trip was not without its own dose of perspective.  On our way to Bigej, we passed by the generally impoverished island of Ebeye and could view their rundown infrastructure from our boat.  The island basically has no exports, very low education and is the focus of many ministries in the area.  While we’ve not visited yet, we look forward to the opportunity to see first hand the community there.

Tomorrow begins a short week where Michelle will prepare for the beginning of basketball leagues.  I’ll prepare for my first weekend to preach at the island’s church (prayers appreciated).  I”ll be speaking every other weekend, splitting time with another gentleman in the atoll, before a permanent pastor comes in a few months.  I should be a busy week as we continue to learn a lot about our new home!


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