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With a gritty and energetic capital in Belgrade and numerous national parks throughout the country, Serbia is full of fun for any kind of adventurer. Did we mention the food? Prepare to give your tastebuds a lesson in flavor!

Serbia In 1 Minute

Guide to Serbia

Serbia 7 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to Belgrade and pass through Fruska National Park
Day 2-3: Visit the Belgrade Fortress, Tesla Museum, City Center and eat all the tasty food!
Day 4: Drive to Bor and explore the area
Day 5-6: Drive to Djerdap National Park to hike and explore
Day 7: Drive to Rosomacki Lonci on route to Sofia


*We scheduled time in our itinerary to relax, but you could easily visit so many other area with a full week in Serbia.

How To Use This Map

This map is created in Google Maps.  Click on it to open in a new window.  Then click the icon at the top that says "open with my google maps."  The map will become interactive.  You can see the towns we stayed in and many of the stops we made along the way.  Each one also includes a photo!  Enjoy!

This was our itinerary, but there is SO  much more to see in Serbia!

  • Visit the fortress in Belgrade

  • Check out the Tesla Museum

  • Walk the city of Belgrade and shop on Knez Mihailova Street

  • Drive through Fruska National Park

  • Take a short hike through Rosomacki Lonci in Slavinja

  • Visit National Park Djerdap for a hike

  • Kayak the Danube in Djerdap National Park

  • Check out one of the many muesums in Belgrade

Things To Do!

  • Rakjia - Fruit Brandy

  • Local Beer

  • Local Wine

  • Shopska Salad - cucumber, tomato and kajak cheese

  • Bread, meat and cheese platter

  • Baked beans and sausage

  • Lamb soup

  • Ustipci -Fried bread

  • Local coffee or cappuccino

  • Cevapcici - minced meat in sausage links

  • Palacinke - Crepe like pancake

  • Ajvar - red pepper spread

  • Kajak - cheese

Food To Try!

Our favorite  Serbian places!

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