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Republic of The Marshall Islands

It'll take you two days to get here, but you won't want to leave once you arrive. This island paradise of twenty four different atolls holds more underwater excitement than anyone can pack into one trip. Whether learning ancient native crafts, relaxing on the beach, deep sea fishing, or enjoying the unbelievable nature on their world class reefs, the Marshall Islands will be an experience unlike any other.
*Note - We lived on Kwajalein for 5 years which is significantly different than other islands. We'll do our best to represent activities on any of the main islands.

Marshall Islands

14 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to Honolulu or Guam
Day 2: Take United Airlines island hopper to Majuro/Kwajalein.
Day 3: Relax on the beach and search for sea glass. Hydrate. Get on island time.
Day 4: Go deep sea fishing and grill your catch that night on the beach.
Day 5: Snorkel/Scuba dive.
Day 6: Go reefing at low tide and bike around the island.
Day 7-13: Repeat any and all
Day 14: Fly back to Honolulu and arrive home on the same day you left (or spend a few days in Hawaii)

How To Use This Map

This map is created in Google Maps.  Click on it to open in a new window.  Then click the icon at the top that says "open with my google maps."  The map will become interactive.  You can see the towns we stayed in and many of the stops we made along the way.  Each one also includes a photo!  Enjoy!

This was our itinerary. See other itinerary suggestions below!

  • Snorkeling

  • SCUBA Diving

    • Learn about Kwajalein diving click here

    • Learn about underwater life around Kwajalein click here

  • Boating/Sailing

  • Deep Sea Fishing

  • Sea Glass Hunting

  • Relax by the beach

  • Grilling out

  • Learn about WWII History

  • Wind surfing

  • Paddle Boarding (SUP)

  • Deep sea fishing or spear fishing

Things To Do!

  • The Marshall Islands are not really known for their food, but here are a few local favorites.

  • Chicken

  • Rice

  • Spam

  • Ramen

  • Poke

  • Philipino flavors such as lumpia and pancit

  • Fresh fish

  • Fresh coconut

  • Breadfruit

  • Coconut rice balls

Food To Try!

Our favorite  island places!

Ocean life in the Marshall Islands is unbelievable!  To see more videos from the islands, be sure to checkout our YouTube page!

Check out our blog to help you prepare for the Marshall Islands

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