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As the center of the Jewish faith, Christianity, and Islam, Israel is constantly bustling with visitors and pilgrims. While these religious sites are important, they are far from the only things to do. From enjoying the waters around the Mediterranean, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee, to discovering the ever growing cities, Israel has much more to offer than just it's past.


Old City

Via Dolorosa

The Stations of the Cross

Guide to Jerusalem

The Sea of


Israel in 4 Days

Day 1: The Old City: Temple Mount, Western Wall, Ruins, Garden of Gethsemene, Mount of Olives, Shops
Day 2: Via Dolorosa (the stations of the cross) in the old city
Day 3: City of David, City Market
Day 4: Sea of Galilee

This was our itinerary. See other itinerary suggestions below!

How To Use This Map

This map is created in Google Maps.  Click on it to open in a new window.  Then click the icon at the top that says "open with my google maps."  The map will become interactive.  You can see the towns we stayed in and many of the stops we made along the way.  Each one also includes a photo!  Enjoy!

  • The Old City: Temple Mount, Western Wall, Ruins

  • Garden of Gethsemene

  • Mount of Olives

  • Via Dolorosa (the stations of the cross)

  • City of David

  • City Market

  • Sea of Galilee

  • Nazareth

  • The Basilica of Annunciation: Where the Angel Gabriel talks to Mary

  • The Church of St. Joseph: Tradition has Joseph's family living and working in this area

  • Church of Multiplication: Jesus feeds many with fish and bread

  • Capernum: Peter's homes town and center of Jesus' ministry

  • Church of the Transfiguration

  • Mount of the Beatitudes

  • Eat along the Sea of Galilee near where Jesus walked on water and called his disciples.  (We ate the type of fish Peter likely fished for)

  • Visit the Jordan river where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Things To Do!

  • Hummus

  • Pita

  • Shawarma (like a Doner or Gyro)

  • Kebab

  • St. Peter's Fish

  • Freshly squeezed juices

  • Pastries

  • Halva

  • Falafel

  • Tahini and yogurt

Food To Try!

Our favorite   places in Israel!

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