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Prague is the crown jewel of Czechia (formerly the Czech Republic), with centuries worth of art, architecture, food, and culture to be taken in by your senses. While there is so much more to this beautiful and vast country, this is where we spent our limited time in the region.

Czechia - Prague

Day 1: Arrive via train. Settle in, check out local markets and public transit
Day 2: Walk Across the Charles Bridge (early AM) to see the Prague Castle and museums west of the river
Day 3: Take in the Old Town Square, Museums and Churches east of the river

Day 4: Depart via train to Budapest, Hungary

This was our itinerary. See other itinerary suggestions below!

How To Use This Map

This map is created in Google Maps.  Click on it to open in a new window.  Then click the icon at the top that says "open with my google maps."  The map will become interactive.  You can see the towns we stayed in and many of the stops we made along the way.  Each one also includes a photo!  Enjoy!

  • Visit the pedestrian bridge (to beat the crowds and vendors go before 10am)

  • Stop in to a puppet shop

  • Visit the Monastery on the hill for a great view!

  • Eat at a local restaurant

  • Visit the clock tower and enjoy the square

  • Visit a thermal spa

Things To Do!

  • Apple strudel

  • Local beer

  • Stuffed duck

  • Guláš (Goulash)

  • Monastery beer

  • All the desserts!

  • Sausages

  • Trdelník (pastry funnel stuffed with your choice of filling)

Food To Try!

Our favorite  Czech places!

Check out our blog to help you prepare for Czechia

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