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Are You My Travel Buddy?

When it comes to epic adventures, it's only natural to want to share your amazing experiences with your closest friends. After all, the only thing better than inside jokes is more inside jokes, right? If your not careful though, your grand plan at memory making can turn into the trip you took with your ex-best friend. Here's a quick guide to choosing the best mates for the road:

Do your homework: What trips has your friend taken in the past? What interests do they have? Stalk their Instagram of past trips. Do those activities look like something you'd like on your feed someday? As long as your goal for the trip is the same, fun times are likely ahead.

Talk about money: Remember that awkward conversation on your first day of college with your new roomie? Sometimes it's a good idea to have very frank discussions to set the ground rules of your new arrangement. Traveling is the same. Are we eating out every meal? Do you go all inclusive resort, bare bones hostel dorms, or somewhere in between? Again, check to see if they have specific examples of traveling in your desired price range lest you experience an unwanted freak out after your first cockroach or $15 cocktail.

Start small: Have some time before your big trip? Try a weekend excursion that tests the waters with your prospective travel bud. Note: It's best not to tell them that they're having a try out =)

Planned or Spontaneous: Are you the OCD control freak of your friend group? Its okay to be a planner (we are). Inconceivable to most planners however, is the idea that some travelers would like to explore a new place without having any preconceived notions or expectations of what they might experience. But understanding this about your travel mates goes a long way to managing the mood of your crew. We recommend having a touch base long before you've scoured the internet for every museum in a 50 mile radius to make sure that, you know, your friends like museums. Make sure to ask about the one or two things that will make or break their trip. Think of how excited they'll be when you "stumble upon it" at precisely 10:30am on day 3, just as planned.

I need space: Much like our planned/spontaneous discussion above, many extroverts have no idea that certain people - introverts - need some alone time every now and again. And just because you've been BFFs since grade school doesn't mean you're ready to spend twenty-four seven for a week with someone. Everyone needs their space eventually. During the preparation stages, we designate some alone time on the itinerary to maximize our together time.

Don't stress out: From delayed flights to wrong directions, you're going to come into some stressful situations while traveling. This is the easiest time to have a freak out moment so be on guard. And if it happens, just be ready to apologize and take a break to help get back on the path to fun-town as soon as possible.


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