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A Temporary Situation

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front for a while, hopeful that we would have exciting news of a permanent contract position for me sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately, that just hasn’t happened.  More jobs are slowly being posted, but my well rounded skills are less desired on an island with many specific niche needs.

Hope is not lost though as our community of friends continues to be very supportive and multiple scenarios remain that could keep us on Kwaj. Michelle and I still feel called to bless this island and continue to pour ourselves into community focused activities.


So this post is truly an update to say that there isn’t much to update. Please keep your prayers coming that I might be able to secure a contract job.  I am comforted by the words of my friend, Matt, who pointed out that my situation is, if anything, temporary.  This discomfort will not last. I think there is great wisdom in that statement (from a life perspective as well) and continue to look forward to what God has for us next. In a months time, I will either have a job on Kwaj or be heading back to the states.



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